loyalty information

Loyalty card information

  • Loyalty Program

  • e.g. your company name or how you want to call your card e.g. Loyalty, VIP, etc.
  • Describe how this program works
  • Points for Activities

    Reward your customer points for certain activities
  • We recommend 1
  • We recommend 1
  • We recommend none, since to adding any above required pass installation.
  • We recommend 1 which is one punch per scan unless you are not planning to use a punch (instead use VIP) them choose dynamic below
    Chose dynamic if you want to reward a custom number of points manually for each scan. this mean you will have the option to add amount of point at the moment you scan the card.
  • We recommend 1
  • The number the point the referred customer must have before we reward the referee, minimum on more than the one you give for actions, that way you guarantee at least one business transaction.
  • Contact & Legal

  • Legal name of your business
  • If you want to add more fields to sign in form, please write them here one por line ie DOB, SEX.
  • Location

  • this will appere on push notification
  • This if the card logo
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    You can upload any business images we can use as a base to reproduce the card design.