Auto Post to your Social Media
Let your customer to post for you.

Post at the time they are enjoing their rewards.

Why Customer Social Media Pictures?

You probably already know social media is an effective platform for branding and marketing your products and growing your community

Enhance Your Online (and Offline) Presence With Customer Photos

Visuals greatly impact the behavior of shoppers. Most brands just snap a photo of the product and share it across all social channels, which may work sometimes. But you can take it a step further by crowdsourcing your customer photos on Instagram and all other social media channels.

When customers see photos of other “regular” people enjoying a reward or getting a services they’re more likely to buy. Why? This kind of social proof is a powerful motivator. Visitors gain trust by seeing others use the products or services they are about to buy.

Save money and time while building a naturally growing you loyalty base. we integrate into your loyalty program mean your customer will receive a point for posting a happy picture enjoying their rewards

Ways to Encourage User-Generated Content on Social Media

When surveyed, 85% of users find visual user generated content (UGC) more persuasive than brand photos or videos. That’s why user generated content is considered content marketing gold. Yet, despite the fact that most customers trust user generated content more than the brand content, many businesses don’t know how to encourage their fans to create UGC. More than 50% of consumers think that brands should provide some guidelines for creating reviews or other content, while only 16% brands actually do so. The point here is this – brands have immense scope for leveraging the power of user generated content on social media. But do you know how to encourage your fans to create such content? In this post, I’m going to share five ways you can facilitate more UGC for your business.

UGC is an effective way to boost sales and engagement while generating traffic and virality for your business

Not only does this strategy get people involved by sharing feel-good experiences, but It’s a great way to show a more authentic side of your company too.