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Convert and retain customers with automated marketing that does the hard work for you. Automate has the tools you need to grow your business and make more money.

Automated Workflows

Increase customer engagement with workflows that adapt to your customer’s interests and behavior.


When creating a workflow, choosing a trigger is one of the first decisions you make. Your workflow will hinge upon which trigger you decide to use, each trigger describes a circumstance which may occur and lets you automate specific responses.


When creating a workflow, you may wish to develop it further using a rule. Implementing a rule or two gives you the ability to tailor a workflow to your marketing strategies. Each rule comes with comparison statements such as is, matches any, is less than and is greater than which you can pair with the value of each rule. This gives you unique tools to create powerful logic that would usually require the skills of a developer to create.


Once you have chosen your trigger, the next step is to choose an action. For example,  update a custom field in MailChimp based on a customer’s shopping behavior. Depending on the trigger you select, certain actions such as these will become available. Actions also provide support for your favorite apps, including MailChimp, E-commerce, Campaign Monitor and more.

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