Business Package (Loyalty-passes)

$499.99 / month and a $599.00 sign-up fee




STEP 1: Your total due today is just: $799.98

This includes your one-time setup fee + your first month of service. You won’t be billed again for another 30 days.

STEP2: Complete New Client Campaign Form.

Immediately after making your payment below, you will be asked to complete a short online form for your new Loyaty Card Campaign. Then, one of our Campaign Specialist will contact you within 24 hours to help setup your campaign and get you started promptly.

Business Package Includes:


Drive more in-store traffic and repeat business, Eliminates loyalty campaign fraud, Increase customer loyalty and improve retention, Boost customer spend and overall sales, Provide an enhanced consumer experience, Differentiate your business from the competition, No App Necessary

Our Customers Love Mobile Loyalty Cards

“Implementing Zigsa Loyalty Card has made our business stand from the other business and not only from our direct compettition but from all the busines in our country, This program has help us bring more customers and provide a way to keep our loyal custumer happier with custom promotion and gifts. Also Zigsa Loyalty has help us to collect more data from our customer”

~Juan Carlos de la Cruz.
CEO GS SPORT, Dominican Republic

“Open your first restaurant ever is a daunting task but bring and keeping your customer is a real challenge that Zigsa Loyalty Card has help me to accomplished, At first my customer were hesitant to try our new program and acquisition start slow but after few some promotion and spending time teaching our customer how they can benefit from it, now they are just expecting to get the card punch, so they can get the free stuff. It has become a game, where everybody wins!

~ Giorgio Carneade.
Owner of OISHI SUSHI, Guayaquil, Quito